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Welcome to the Glamping Park Möenichkirchen


You are searching for a comfortable, clean and lovely Glamping accommodation in the heart of nature? Then you found the right place, because we invite you to spend your holidays with us. Experience a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the heart of the Alps of lower Austria at the “Wechselgebiet”. You will never forget the unique landscape, shaped by the smooth mountains and fabulous views of the “Wechselgebiet”.

Glamping - what is it?

Glamping is an artificial word, comes from the English and means Glamorous camping. It is becoming increasingly popular in Europe.

It's a trend that's about experience pitches, for exclusive vacation accommodations, fancy, regionally typical, building biology, wood pods, trolls, buggs, lodges, chalets.

The Naturlodges are an ideal place to stay for hikers, cyclists, motorcyclists, winter sports enthusiasts, etc. who like to be provided with everything and would like to stay in nature with all the comforts.

Glampen allows you a relaxing break in the middle of nature, very beautiful, exciting landscape, with a touch of glamor and luxury, stress-free arrival and stay. This combination of natural accommodation and luxury makes Glamping a special holiday experience.

Unlike camping, you do not need to bring your accommodation. Everything is ready for you at our Woodlodges, Buggs, Pods and Trolls, and you just need to be comfortable.

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