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Mönichkirchen, where the lodges are located is the place where I was born. I grew up here. When I finished school, I started an apprenticeship as a carpenter in Innsbruck, Tirol. Eight years later I moved to Bavaria. After some years of being self-employed I enrolled in a professional training programme of the German car company BMW as a clay modeller. I worked as a clay modeller for over 15 years all around the globe. In 2012 I met my wife Karin from Bavaria. Soon we got two lovely children. Because of my frequent travelling for my job I did not have a lot of time for my family. My family was then the reason why I decided to quit my job. When searching for a new job I had the idea of the Glamping Park. I first heard of Glamping when travelling around the world and spending every night in a different kind of hotel, apartment or camping round. Especially the last 3 years before I quit my job I spent most of my nights in lodges or huts. I really enjoyed spending my nights in the middle of the nature in such beautiful accommodations.
In 2017 my family and I moved to Mönichkirchen. We love the region, especially the nature makes it so wonderful. There is no spare minute, that we do not spend outside, enjoying nature. Also, the kindness of the people in Mönichkirchen amazed us. We felt like we were living here for all of our lives after just a few days.
In 2018 I started to plan the Glamping Park. In April 2019, after more than a year of planning, we finally started to build the park. After many days of hard but still fulfilling work with the help of my loving and patient family, we are happy to introduce you to the Glamping Par as an accommodation in the heart of the wonderful, adventurous and relaxing nature of the “Wechselgebiet”.


meine Frau, Geschäftsführerin und Rezeptionistin


Unsere Kinder

Paul Luis & Marie Luis

Innhaber und Hausmeister Ernst


Aus hygienischen Gründen und aus Ruecksicht auf unsere anderen Gaeste sind Haustiere bei uns nicht gestattet. 


Glamping Park Mönichkirchen

Mönichkirchen 356

2872 Mönichkirchen

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Tel.: 0043 670 6070024

Email: info@glamping-park.at

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